Survey Privacy Policy

(En español: Política de Privacidad para Encuestas)


(Chính sách bảo mật của khảo sát)

ADM Associates (ADM) is a national research firm specializing in energy research and program evaluation. ADM may collect personal data from you during this survey. The personal data we may collect may include your name, telephone number, home address, and email address.

Participation in this research is voluntary, and you are free to withdraw your consent at any time, either by not completing this survey or later by contacting us as described under: “Who to contact if you have any questions about this study or this privacy policy?”.

This privacy policy exclusively applies to ADM’s survey research.

What are ADM’s company details?

ADM is a national research firm specializing in energy research and program evaluation. ADM conducts research on behalf of its clients who are typically utility or government entities. Additional information about ADM can be found at:

What information does ADM collect about you?

If you choose to take this survey, ADM will collect the data that you provide when you complete the survey. In addition, your contact information and a random survey ID is associated with your response. When completing an online survey, the survey software will also collect data on your latitude and longitude location based on your IP address.

Whom is ADM collecting my information for?

ADM collects data on the behalf of its clients that sponsor the research that we do. In most cases, ADM will identify the sponsor of the research when we contact you to complete the survey. At any time, you may contact ADM to request the identity of the research sponsor by responding to the recruitment email, asking the telephone operator contacting you, or responding to the ADM contact listed in the postal mailing you received. You may also contact ADM by email sent to:

Or by letter sent to:

ADM Associates
Attn: Survey Research Department
3239 Ramos Circle
Sacramento, CA 95827

What software does ADM use to collect survey responses?

ADM uses Qualtrics to collect survey responses by online form and by telephone. More information about Qualtrics can be found at:

Qualtrics’ privacy policy can be found at:

How will ADM use the survey responses collected?

All the information you provide will be stored conjointly with the personal data used to invite you to participate in this research. Your participation in this research, together with your individual responses to the questions will be kept confidential by ADM. ADM may share the responses you provide with the client sponsoring the research.

Your responses to this survey will be used solely for research analysis purposes. Published research results will be anonymous, statistical information only, and we can assure you that you will NOT be identifiable in any published results. If you contact ADM for any reason regarding this research, your contact details will be used solely for the purpose of responding to your request. In responding to your request, ADM may provide your information to the client sponsoring the research if doing so is necessary to address your request.

What personal information about me does ADM collect that is not collected through the survey?

ADM typically receives personal information used for the purpose of collecting survey data from the client for whom it is conducting the research. The information collected may include:

  • Individual or business name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Physical address
  • Utility account number

In limited circumstances, ADM may purchase data from a third-party provider that includes personal information.  

Who will have access to your information?

Access to your information will be limited to research project staff, or those who need access to support the systems used for this research, such as the online survey and research data analysis systems.

ADM provides analysis of the survey responses you and others provide in summary form to the client sponsoring the research and these analyses may also be presented in publicly available reporting. Your personal information will not be shared publicly. ADM may securely transmit your individual survey responses, including your personal information, to the client for whom ADM collects your data.  You will NOT be identifiable in any published results.

How long will ADM keep the information you provide?

ADM will securely destroy any personal data you provide after three years of retention.

How does ADM ensure your personal data is held securely?

We take our responsibilities to keep your personal data secure very seriously. We take every reasonable precaution to ensure your information is protected from loss, theft, or misuse. These precautions include appropriate physical security of our offices, controlled access to our computer systems, including multifactor authentication requirements, and the use of secure, encrypted internet connections when collecting your responses.

Does this survey use Cookies or similar code?

The survey software ADM uses may use cookies. Cookies are small files placed on your device that collect information and send it to the party that placed the cookie.

These files are used for quality control, validation and, more importantly, to prevent us sending you reminders for an on-line survey you have already completed. It is possible for you to delete ‘cookies’ or to prevent their use by adjusting the browser settings on your computer.

The online survey software also captures information about your operating system, browser language settings, display settings, and browser type to ensure that the survey questionnaire is delivered in a form suited to the software and computer you are using.

Who to contact if you have any questions about this study or this privacy policy?

If you have questions about this research or how your information will be used, please contact ADM Associates by email sent to:

Or by letter sent to:

ADM Associates
Attn: Survey Research Department
3239 Ramos Circle
Sacramento, CA 95827

Upon request, ADM will delete any personal information you have provided to ADM. For further details, please contact ADM by email sent to with “ADM Associates Data Privacy” as the subject line.

Or by letter sent to:

ADM Associates
Attn: Data Privacy
3239 Ramos Circle
Sacramento, CA 95827


Changes to this privacy policy:

We keep our privacy policy under regular review and this policy was last updated on June 8, 2022.