Ryan Bliss

Senior Consultant

Ryan has more than 37 years of research and analysis experience, covering energy efficiency (the last 12 years), cross-cultural human resource management, and health behavior. He has extensive experience conceiving, planning, and managing market research and evaluation projects as well as conducting business development activities, including proposal planning and writing. Ryan takes great pleasure in working with younger colleagues to develop their research, writing, and presentation skills and is highly regarded for his ability in this area. Ryan also is well-known as an entertaining and stimulating presenter and a creative thought leader in evaluation approaches. He is the sole originator of the “public radio pledge drive” language for survey recruitment, which has been shown to significantly increase survey response. Together with his ADM colleagues, he also developed an innovative approach to assessing spillover savings, based on the premise that most program influence on un-incented savings is indirect and often unrecognized by end-user customers. By quantifying the indirect program influence acting through contractors and vendors, Ryan and his colleagues have identified substantially higher spillover savings than traditional approaches have shown. Ryan previously has served as an independent consultant on cross-cultural resource management research in Bangkok, Thailand, and as a statistician and analyst in various capacities. He has authored or co-authored more than 30 research reports published in peer-reviewed journals or presented at national and international conferences. Mr. Bliss received a B.A. in Psychology at Cornell University and a M.A. in Child Psychology at University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

tel. (916) 363-8383