Robert Oliver


Mr. Oliver, an ADM Associates analyst since 2009 and a Director since 2010, has a total of over 30 years of contract and project management experience, including extensive work with electric and gas utility demand side management (DSM) programs. Mr. Oliver’s expertise includes impact and process evaluation and reporting for commercial, industrial, governmental, agricultural, solar, behavioral, and demand reduction programs. He has also directed evaluations for many residential DSM programs and portfolios.

Mr. Oliver has collaborated with and counseled numerous and diverse private industry and governmental clients, delivering strategic recommendations related to public policy, regulatory and stakeholder collaboration, and risk mitigation. He has worked with scores of entities and business types across his career; specific to DSM program evaluation, he has worked with scores of program managers and implementation contractors.

As an ADM director, Mr. Oliver manages and guides evaluation teams of engineers, economists, statisticians, econometricians, data scientists, survey experts, psychologists, hydrologists, anthropologists, and subcontractors. His evaluation teams serve clients in Arkansas, California, Idaho, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. The majority of his teams’ activities consist of impact and process evaluations and reports for commercial, industrial, agricultural, behavioral, and demand reduction programs; the teams also conduct market potential and market transformation studies. Mr. Oliver provides ad hoc evaluation support for jurisdictions other than the aforementioned states.

Mr. Oliver received his B.S. in Agricultural Economics/Business Management/Finance from Cornell University.

tel. (775) 825-7079