Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

For Public Service Company of Oklahoma, we are evaluating a portfolio of energy efficiency programs for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our EM&V work addresses diverse energy efficiency programs, including prescriptive retrofits, custom retrofits, new construction, rate-based programs, and conservation voltage reduction. The portfolios also include upstream, direct install, education, and appliance rebate programs in the residential sector.

Scope of Work

Baseline Assessments In-Depth Interviewing
Ex Ante / Concurrent Evaluation Survey Development & Administration
Statistical & Econometric Analysis Written & Oral Testimony
Demand Response Evaluation Program Design
Building Energy Simulation Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Emerging Technology Evaluation Statistical Sampling Planning
Behavioral Program Evaluation

Publicly Available Reporting

2016 Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Portfolio Evaluation

The link above provides a copy of ADM’s Evaluation of the full portfolio of PSO’s Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs for 2016. The portfolio of programs includes incentives targeting residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Oklahoma.

More Information About Our Work For PSO