Concurrent Evaluation

For the FirstEnergy Companies in Pennsylvania, we perform pre-approval measurement and verification of all custom projects with expected energy savings exceeding 400 MWh, and all standard projects with expected energy savings exceeding 750 MWh. During the last three years, we have performed nearly 200 such project evaluations, amounting to over 200,000 MWh in energy savings. For these projects, we conduct all project evaluation activities in advance of rebate approval and provides the FirstEnergy Companies with project-specific evaluation reports which detail the measurement and verification process and findings, and present verified energy savings, demand reductions, and other metrics such as cost effectiveness scores. FirstEnergy program staff members then use the reported findings to inform their decision-making regarding the disposition of the projects. This process eliminates the risk of over-payment or under-payment of incentives for projects that account for approximately 50% of the non-residential portfolio impacts and involve FirstEnergy’s largest customers.