Energy Trust of Oregon

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

For the Energy Trust of Oregon, we performed gross impact EM&V for the 2013 and 2014 program cycles of the Efficient Buildings program – a commercial retrofit program. The program is implemented through Energy Trust of Oregon and covers electric and gas customers of participating utilities throughout Oregon. We evaluated 125 projects which included 237 gas and electric energy efficiency measures.

Scope of Work

Baseline Assessments
Statistical & Econometric Analysis
Building Energy Simulation
Statistical Sampling Planning

Publicly Available Reporting

2013-2014 Existing Buildings Program Impact Evaluation

The link above provides a copy of ADM’s Impact Evaluation of the 2013-2014 Energy Trust of Oregon Existing Buildings (EB) Program. The EB Program provides incentives for the installation of electric and gas energy efficiency measures in existing commercial buildings. The program includes specific incentives for lighting, non-lighting prescriptive measures, and custom energy efficiency projects.