Donald Dohrmann, Ph.D.

Founding Principal

Dr. Dohrmann is a founding principal at ADM Associates, Inc., where he has been responsible for directing evaluation of DSM program portfolios since 1979. He has directed ADM’s EM&V efforts across all market sectors; residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and low income, and has led EM&V on a range of program types, including VoltVar programs, commercial retrofit and new construction, residential weatherization, upstream market transformation programs, as well as behavioral and pricing trials. He currently is directing portfolio evaluations for NV Energy, Ameren Missouri, First Energy, and Indiana & Michigan Power. Other evaluations he has directed include an evaluation of a statewide Residential Contractor Program, an evaluation of a statewide Pool Pump Initiative, and evaluations of several of SMUD’s programs (e.g., Duct Sealing, commercial incentives).

Dr. Dohrmann has strong expertise and experience in several technical areas:

  • Statistical Sampling. Dr. Dohrmann has considerable experience in designing studies to collect data on energy use by commercial firms and households, in analyzing the economic factors affecting the choice of energy-using technologies for commercial, industrial and residential buildings, and in forecasting the acceptance of conservation measures for such buildings. He has been responsible for the sample design and execution of surveys to collect data for more than 50 projects. These include surveys of commercial facilities for the California Energy Commission, PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, SoCalGas, SMUD, Entergy, FP&L, and Ameren Missouri and a statewide survey of multifamily facilities.
  • Statistical Analysis. Dr. Dohrmann has considerable experience in data analysis and development of multi-variable regression models and conditional demand modeling to explain energy use in residential and commercial facilities. He has particular expertise in combining survey and metered data to explain energy use. He has developed models predicting air conditioning energy use by using end-use monitored data and indoor and outdoor air temperatures. He developed procedures for analyzing and estimating annual energy use for refrigerators, using short-term, in-situ monitored data, and test data utilizing DOE-2 test procedures. He directed analysis efforts for the Nevada Dynamic Pricing Trial. Most recently, he has used statistical analysis to determine energy savings from voltage reduction programs.
  • Analysis of Ex-Post Net Program Effects. Dr. Dohrmann has been responsible for the estimation of net-to-gross effects, including free ridership and participant and non-participant spillover, for over 50 program evaluation projects conducted for clients including PG&E, SDG&E, SCE, Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp, SMUD, Energy Trust of Oregon, B.C. Hydro, and others. He has performed net-to-gross analyses for residential, commercial, industrial programs, including new construction programs.

Prior to co-founding ADM Associates, Dr. Dohrmann conducted energy-related analyses at United Technologies Research Center and Hittman Associates. He has also taught economics at Yale University, University of Connecticut, and University of San Francisco.

tel. (775) 825-7079