Commercial End-Use Survey

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has started field work to survey commercial businesses. The survey audits energy use by area and load types to forecast utility requirements for maintaining a stable electricity supply to the California business community. The CEUS survey was last completed in 2006 and this round will be conducted from 2018 to 2020. 27,000 businesses will be surveyed to provide a robust dataset for ongoing forecasts.

The CEC has contracted with ADM Associates to conduct this CEUS survey. In turn ADM is partnering with Matrix Energy Services and Davenergy Solutions for the field surveys. There is no charge for the surveys and will only take a hour or so depending on the complexity of the business and building. Your participation in the program is appreciated and will help all of California.

For more information contact:

Mohsen Abrishami
California Energy Commission

Danielle Taylor
ADM Associates, Inc.

ADM CEUS Hotline

Identification Verification

Blue Vest and Tablet

CEUS Field Technicians

Alec Steinberg
CEUS Field Surveyor, ADM


Alec Alvarez
CEUS Field Surveyor, ADM


Safdar Chaudhry
CEUS Field Staff Manager

Taylor Deets
CEUS Field Surveyor, ADM

Abigail Braun
CEUS Field Surveyor, ADM

Bikram Rijal
CEUS Field Surveyor, ADM

Utility List

SMUD – Sacramento Municipal Utility District

LADWP – Los Angeles Department of Water & Power
SCE – Southern California Edison
SDG&E – San Diego Gas & Electric
PG&E – Pacific Gas & Electric
SoCalGas – Southern California Gas

Participation Letter

Dear [Utility] Business Customer,

The California Energy Commission, in cooperation with the [Utility], is conducting a major survey of the ways in which commercial customers use energy. This study, known as the California Commercial End-Use Survey (CEUS), will be used to support the Energy Commission’s efforts to forecast future energy needs and to ensure that these needs are met in a prudent manner.

As a central part of the study, ADM Associates Inc. (ADM) has been retained to conduct an on-site survey of commercial establishments in the [Utility] service area. The survey will be used to collect information on commercial building activity characteristics.

In order to construct a useful, diverse sample set of buildings for the study, your organization has been randomly selected by ADM as a participant in the study. ADM will contact you to arrange a brief survey. You are not required to participate in the survey. The survey will have two parts:

  • A brief interview with someone from your organization who is knowledgeable about energy use at the survey-site; and
  • A physical inspection of the facility.

One of the main purposes of the study is to characterize electric and gas energy usage per square foot of commercial floor space. If you participate in the survey, [Utility] will provide information on your recent energy usage history to the study team (the California Energy Commission and its contractors for the CEUS survey), solely for the purpose of tabulating kilowatt-hours or therms per square foot by business types. This information and the information collected during the survey will be kept confidential in accordance with applicable law and the privacy policies of [Utility]. The California Energy Commission and its contractors will not release energy usage information to anyone in a form that could allow the identification of any business, individual, or facility.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call ADM’s CEUS Dedicated Call Center at 1-(916)-529-4443 or the California Energy Commission CEUS contact number at 1-(800)-858-0784. You may also find additional information regarding this survey on the web at or Thank you for considering our request to participate in this valuable research.


Project Manager

California Energy Commission