Data Scientist

Reno, NV

ADM is seeking candidates for the position of Data Scientist to assist and lead in the evaluation of energy efficiency programs.

ADM is a professional service corporation providing energy efficiency program evaluation and research for electric and gas utilities and other clients across North America for over 40 years. Our evaluations are a critical aspect of energy efficiency program design and implementation; we collaborate with clients and program implementation contractors to achieve real-time, transparent evaluation. Our collaborative approach is an integral part of successful programs that decrease ratepayer energy bills while also achieving environmental goals such as deferring fossil fuel power plant projects.

ADM is based out of Sacramento, CA, with satellite offices in Fremont, CA, and Reno, NV.  We have remote staff working all over the country and currently provide each employee the opportunity to develop an in-office/work from home schedule that best fits their lifestyle, client needs, and career development. Because ADM clients expect us to be expert consultants in the energy efficiency field, this position will likely require a significant amount of on-the-job learning which may require an in-office schedule during the first year of employment for the candidate to be successful.

The ideal candidate for the Data Scientist position will have strong critical thinking, report writing, and statistical analysis capability; excellent organizational skills; and an ability to think out of the box. Master’s degree or higher, preferably in the sciences, economics, statistics, mathematics, or a related field. At least two years of applicable experience.

Moreover, any candidate must have significant expertise in the R programming environment. The candidate should be able to perform the following types of tasks in R:

  • Manipulate large data sets in R (10 GB and bigger).
  • Utilize Functional Programing and Vectorized Analyses to solve complicated problems.
  • Take analyses that have been previously completed in less flexible software packages (e.g., Excel) and implement them in R.
  • Develop interfaces for clients that allow them to manipulate, visualize, and analyze data in the R environment (e.g., via interactive web applications via Shiny).
  • Develop and implement various data-mining techniques that may assist clients with targeted marketing efforts (e.g., Naïve Bayes, cluster analysis, logistic regression, Principal Components Analysis).

Experience with program evaluation, statistics, survey design, or energy efficiency and energy systems is a plus. The following qualifications are desirable:

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office applications for reporting.
  • Professional experience in the energy efficiency, public policy, environmental consulting, or market research fields is desirable, but not required.
  • Ability to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously and under time pressures.
  • Outstanding written and oral communication skills.

ADM currently has positions available in its Reno, NV, office. Starting salary depends on qualifications and experience.

ADM offers competitive compensation packages including medical/dental/life insurance, 401(k) matching, and the potential for work from home flexibility.

ADM is an equal opportunity employer.

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