Appalachian Power

Energy Efficiency Evaluation

For Appalachian Power, we are conducting impact and process evaluations of a number of energy efficiency for residential and commercial customers in West Virginia and Virginia. We have also evaluated a Conservation Voltage Reduction Program that Appalachian Power is implementing in West Virginia. Our work for Appalachian Power includes evaluation of prescriptive and custom incentive programs in the non-residential sector, and efficient product, energy efficient kits, appliance recycling, upstream lighting, income-qualified and non-income-qualified weatherization, and manufactured home programs in the residential sector.

Scope of Work

Baseline Assessments Free Ridership & Spillover Assessment
Ex Ante / Concurrent Evaluation In-Depth Interviewing
Statistical & Econometric Analysis Survey Development & Administration
Demand Response Evaluation Cost Effectiveness Analysis
Building Energy Simulation Statistical Sampling Planning

Publicly Available Reporting

EM&V Report for 2017 Virginia Residential Portfolio – Part 1

EM&V Report for 2017 Virginia Residential Portfolio – Part 2

EM&V Report for 2017 Virginia Residential Portfolio – Part 3

The links above provide a copy of ADM’s Evaluation of the 2017 Appalachian Power Company’s full portfolio of residential program offerings in Virginia. Programs include low-income weatherization, appliance and lighting discounts, comprehensive retrofits, appliance recycling, new construction manufactured homes, and residential demand response.