Alexandra Rathinali, Ph.D.


Dr. Rathinali focuses on statistical analysis, applied research, and data analysis for utilities nationwide and manages multiple market and process evaluations and program impact studies.  For instance, Dr. Rathinali has supported the First Energy Ohio PJM Energy Market Study , which was commissioned to estimate energy efficiency potential scenarios for electricity and peak demand savings for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors of the FirstEnergy service territory. Under this scope of work, she has utilized trending data from prior market potential study years, 10 years of program participation data, and the extensive primary research data from non-program participants collected during the prior portfolio cycles. She has developed defensible estimates for technical potential, economic potential, as well as providing a range of maximum and minimal achievable potential scenarios. Additionally, Dr. Rathinali performs energy impacts evaluation of the NV Energy Home Energy Reports Program, which educates over 100,000 customers on low-cost measures, practices, or behaviors to reduce their energy use.  As part of this work, she has supported development of monthly updates to estimates of program energy savings. Dr. Rathinali earned her Ph.D. in Geological Sciences at Arizona State University.

tel. (775) 825-7079