California Commercial End-Use Study (CEUS)

For the California Energy Commission, ADM is the prime contractor conducting an extensive survey that happens only once every ten years. The survey will be conducted in the service territories of SCE, SCG, SDG&E, PG&E, SMUD, and LADWP. Commercial businesses are being visited to interview facility managers and collect data used to develop end-use fuel saturations by area within commercial buildings. The data will be used to forecast utility requirements for maintaining a stable electricity supply to the California business community. 27,000 businesses will be surveyed throughout the state to provide a robust dataset for ongoing forecasts. A team of field surveyors supported by managers, engineers, and project coordinators will collect the data. Electric load profiles by business type will be prepared for the CEC. See More

Public Service Company of Oklahoma

For Public Service Company of Oklahoma, ADM is conducting impact and process evaluations of the utility’s portfolio of energy efficiency and demand response programs for program years 2012-2015.

Indiana Michigan Power Company (A Division of American Electric Power)

For Indiana Michigan Power, ADM evaluated three years of Core Plus programs during 2012-2014. ADM is currently evaluating the utility’s energy efficiency portfolio of programs for 2015. Commercial and industrial programs include C&I Prescriptive, C&I Custom (including a retro commissioning component), C&I Audit, and C&I Small Business Direct Install. Programs offered to residential customers include Residential New Construction, Residential Appliance Recycling, Residential Peak Reduction, Residential Home Energy Reporting, Residential Online Audit, Residential Weatherization, Residential Income Qualified Weatherization, Residential Energy Efficient Products, and Schools Energy Education Program. Additionally, ADM is evaluating I&M’s Electric Energy Consumption Optimization (previously Conservation Voltage Reduction) programs in both Indiana and Michigan territories.

Appalachian Power Company and Wheeling Power Company

For Appalachian Power Company and Wheeling Power Company, ADM has been evaluating the utilities’ energy efficiency portfolio for program years 2011 through 2015. Current programs include Low-Income Weatherization, Appliance Recycling, Efficient Products, Online Energy Checkup, HomeSMART Energy Assessment, Residential Peak Reduction, ENERGY STAR Manufactured Housing, C&I Custom, C&I Standard, and C&I Lighting.

Southern California Edison

ADM has provided support services for many years to SCE’s Emerging Technology evaluations. This work has included monitoring and evaluation of various LED lighting systems and controls, DR controls for lighting and HVAC, and efficient pool pumps. Currently (2015) ADM is conducting a state-wide data collection effort of multi-family pool pumps for a VSD work paper.

CenterPoint Energy Corporation – Arkansas

ADM is currently conducting three years of impact and process evaluation on behalf of the Arkansas investor owned natural gas utilities; CenterPoint Energy, SourceGas Arkansas, and the Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Corporation. Additionally, ADM is providing similar services for the Arkansas Weatherization Program (AWP), a statewide program, jointly implemented by four electric utilities, three natural gas utilities, and the Arkansas Community Action Agencies Association (ACAAA).

FirstEnergy Ohio (Toledo Edison, Illuminating Company, & Ohio Edison)

ADM is performing a three-year impact and process evaluation of the energy efficiency programs being implemented by FirstEnergy’s three operating companies in Ohio.

FirstEnergy Pennsylvania (PennElec, Penn Power, & Metropolitan Edison)

For FirstEnergy, ADM is performing a four-year impact and process evaluation of the energy efficiency programs implemented by FirstEnergy’s three operating companies in Pennsylvania.

Ameren Missouri

For Ameren Missouri, ADM is conducting impact and process evaluations of the utility’s commercial and industrial energy efficiency program, which provides incentives for custom, prescriptive, new construction, and building commissioning projects. Additionally, ADM is presently evaluating the portfolio of energy efficiency programs offered by Ameren Gas.

Idaho Power Company

For Idaho Power Company, ADM is presently conducting M&V of their Commercial New Construction Program. Recently, ADM completed evaluations of their Commercial Custom Efficiency program as well as their residential program offerings.

New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission

For the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission (NM PRC), ADM is performing impact and process evaluations of the portfolio of programs offered by four utilities in New Mexico – Public Service Company of New Mexico, Southwest Public Service Company (a division of Xcel Energy), El Paso Electric Company, and New Mexico Gas Company. Additionally, ADM performed cost effectiveness testing at the program and portfolio levels for each of the four utilities.

NV Energy – Nevada

For NV Energy, ADM is evaluating the full portfolio of NV Energy’s energy efficiency and demand response programs, including programs for the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors. These programs include the Sure Bet Commercial Incentives Program, the Sure Bet Commercial New Construction Program, and the Energy Smart Schools Program. During 2015, ADM also is evaluating new systems and controls primarily targeting DR, but also providing energy efficiency. These include an agricultural variable rate irrigation system, whole building control optimization systems, remote controlled thermostats, demand limiting controller for RTUs, and lighting controls.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

For the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), we currently (2015) have several contracts to provide support services. Evaluation of new technologies has been an ongoing service for many years. New technologies evaluated include GridRabbit hotel guest room controls, Sunverge SIS PV and battery storage controls, zero-net energy buildings, NovaTorque ECM motors, REGEN Energy Swarm controls for RTUs, LED lighting controls, and many more. ADM is also evaluating SMUD’s residential and commercial lighting programs and conducting school audits.

BC Hydro

For BC Hydro, ADM completed impact and process evaluations of their PowerSmart Industrial Partners Programs. These programs were evaluated separately for Transmission and Distribution class customers, and included M&V of custom industrial projects in mining, pulp & paper, lumber, and manufacturing industries.